Carbon Fiber Hood

Uh oh! I did it! MPX Carbon Fiber hood – build is now complete! Now to decide, what do you think? I completed the hash stripes over the hood lip, to tie it in. I feel like it blends it in a bit better, but what do you guys think about the middle stripes? Should I continue the center stripes over the hood, like I did the hash stripes, or do I leave it as is? If I did it, it would only be plasti dip, so the matte black would slightly contrast the hood, and be completely removable. I just can’t decide, and I want to finish it by next week at the Midwest Dart Meet in Chi-town!

Here’s a better look at the black over CF:

I (quickly) mocked it up in Photoshop, to give a better idea of what I mean:

All of these ideas were later abandoned, and the hood was left raw.20160916_123713


LED Lighting, Dream Color Underglow Lighting, Wheel well Lighting, Strobe Lights

Started out with blowing off one of my pipes connecting the FMIC – before I knew it, she looked like this, again:20160706_004651

Next installment, interior switches and wiring. I ran all of the needed wires through the firewall, both below the clutch, as well as on the passenger side, behind the glove box. I did the project in phases, as there is never much time in my life, nowadays. I pre-wired all of the switches in my shop, and measured out all of the cable runs, leaving the excess at the interior firewall. Most of the wires could be run by simply removing the lower footwell panels and below the steering column. Here are the pre-wired switches, and the holes already drilled out. Everything was trimmed and heat-shrinked prior to the installation in these pics:

The wiring is a bit more complicated than needed for most, but it is my specialty, and this is for car shows and hang-outs. The first four colored switches are simple on/off, controlling the strobe lights outside, the KITT LED lights, interior roof shadow lights, and the console and glove box lighting. The second set of switches are DPDT switches, or on-off-on. These are wired to two separate power sources. Up is on constant, with power straight from the battery. Middle position is off, and the lower position is on with an ignition switched fuse location. This enables the exterior LED lights, and the Halo headlights and demon eyes to come on with the car, but also enables them to run with the car off and locked.


Rear Engine Mount

Most guys have done this first, I guess, but I was hesitant to do it, but it’s not bad. There is a bit more vibration, especially when the AC is running at idle, but I found out the sound system has an off switch! Once I had the music back on, couldn’t tell the vibes unless AC on at idle. I do feel the wheels spin easier, and seems to be more responsive. At the same time I did the rear engine mount (flex, in orange) I also did the CDV delete. My full review of that is here.

This is the stock OEM mount next to the Deyeme Racing Flex mount:20160530_133544


Footwell Lighting and Interior Pinstriping

I really dig what some of you guys have done with the interiors! That being said, I can’t find a way to change the display color in the LCD – everything on the interior matches in red/black – which I like! I realize red and orange looks bad, but inside the vehicle, I cannot see any orange. The red interior is pleasing to the eyes, and red is a more calming color than the orange, so I went with it. I added (no big shocker here) red footwell lighting under the dash on both sides, and added them inside the dash, peeking through the vents – I generally keep it on the “breathing” effect. There is also red led’s under the front seats, shining into the back seat.
I bought some red gap trim and used it in a few places. It came with adhesive, but I supplemented this with the epoxy on the ends and corners. I don’t know why, but I added the turbo sign to the glove box. I even bought a short, red usb cable to charge the phone.