Footwell Lighting and Interior Pinstriping

I really dig what some of you guys have done with the interiors! That being said, I can’t find a way to change the display color in the LCD – everything on the interior matches in red/black – which I like! I realize red and orange looks bad, but inside the vehicle, I cannot see any orange. The red interior is pleasing to the eyes, and red is a more calming color than the orange, so I went with it. I added (no big shocker here) red footwell lighting under the dash on both sides, and added them inside the dash, peeking through the vents – I generally keep it on the “breathing” effect. There is also red led’s under the front seats, shining into the back seat.
I bought some red gap trim and used it in a few places. It came with adhesive, but I supplemented this with the epoxy on the ends and corners. I don’t know why, but I added the turbo sign to the glove box. I even bought a short, red usb cable to charge the phone.


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