Powergate 3+ Instructions

When you receive your Powergate 3+ unit you will need to complete a few tasks in order for MTD to be able to receive and send you your new tune.

The first thing you will need to do is retrieve the stock map from your car’s ECU. Your Powergate 3+ unit saves your stock ECU map and will keep it stored in its internal memory for if you need to put your car back to its original map.

  1. Start by plugging your powergate 3+ unit into your OBDII port in your car. Your unit will power up and bring you to the main screen.
  2. Press the “Tuning” button in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. In the next step you will need to select the Brand of vehicle you have. (For Dodge Dart 1.4T users, you will need to select Fiat)
  4. Then you will need to select the model. (For Dodge Dart 1.4T users, you will to select the 124 Spyder)
  5. Now you will select the version of your car. (For Dodge Dart 1.4T users, you will select the 1.4T Multiair 6MT)
  6. Once you have finished selecting the Make, Model and Version of your car… You will need to follow the on-screen prompts to read the stock map from your ECU. (It will say “stock file not present. Do you want to start the read operation?)
  7. Once the read of the stock file is complete, you will need to go to your computer and load the PWGuser software in order to pull the map off of your Powergate3+ unit and send it to us for tuning. (The software is located on the PG and will automatically download to your computer.)
  8. Plug your Powergate 3+ into your computer using the provided USB cord. A program installer will start up and try to install the PWGuser software. (Sometimes, depending on your computers security settings, you will need to allow the installer to download the program.)
  9. Once the installation wizard has finished, it will automatically start the PWGuser software. When the program starts, you will need to click on the “Download data” tab.
  10. Click the “start” button and the program will save your stock map to your computer.
  11. Click browse and choose a good location to save your stock file and make sure you don’t lose it! (Creating a new folder and using it for only your tune files would be the best)
  12. Once you have completed the save of the original ECU map, you will need to send it to us for tuning. Please send us the file on the MTD Facebook page. Link: (https://www.facebook.com/MTDUS/)
  13. Once we receive your tune, we will need about 10 business days to be able to make the adjustments necessary for your car and modifications. (SAVE THIS NEW FILE IN THE FOLDER ON YOUR COMPUTER SO YOU DON’T LOSE IT!!)

Installing Your New Tune

  1. Once you receive your new tune file back from MTD you will need to save it to your Powergate 3+ unit. First, you will open your PWGuser software on your computer and plug your Powergate 3+ unit in using the USB cord.
  2. Click on the “Upload Data” tab.
  3. A browser will open and you will need to select the new file that MTD has sent to you. Then click Upload.
  4. Once complete you can unplug your Powergate 3+ unit and take it to your car.
  5. Plug the Powergate 3+ unit into your OBDII port and wait for the main screen to load.
  6. Tap the “Tuning” button and follow the onscreen commands.
  7. You will come to a screen where there will be 2 options. Your stock file and your new MTD file will be available. Click the new MTD file, then the Right Arrow button and follow the onscreen commands.
  8. During the next procedure, you will need to wait about 15-20 minutes while the Powergate 3+ unit writes the new tune to your ECU. (WARNING: during this procedure DO NOT turn off your car or unplug your Powergate 3+ unit!!)
  9. Once the writing of your new tune to the ECU has completed, you will see commands on the Powergate 3+ screen. Follow these commands. (There will be a command that tells you to turn your car on, then start the vehicle. You may or not may be able to start your vehicle. There is nothing wrong, just press the “OK” button on your Powergate 3+ unit and continue through the commands.)
  10. Once the command prompts are complete, you will be directed back to the home screen of the Powergate 3+ unit. Once you get there, your car will be in the “off” position and you can plug your Powergate 3+ unit. (At this point your vehicle may be stuck on, meaning all the electronics are powered on even though the car is in the off position, there is nothing wrong!)
  11. This step is for anyone who’s car is stuck in the “ON” position! You will need to disconnect, then re-connect your battery in order to reset the ECU. This unfortunately is a known bug with certain firmware and is being looked into by the Manufacturer.
  12. Before you start your vehicle, you will need to check your ECU for any DTC code. You can do this using your Powergate 3+ unit or any ODBII scanning device you may have. A code reading P1302 may be present. It states that there is an error with the ECU reading the TCM… Since you have a Manual transmission there is no TCM to read. Simply clear this code and you will not see it again.
  13. Start your vehicle and make sure everything runs correctly and enjoy!