Powergate 3+ Instructions

Thank you for purchasing an MTD tune and handheld!

Please make sure to read through this whole sheet before starting on the step by step process of your tune!!!

  • Before starting, be sure to contact us via PM on the MTD USA facebook page where you ordered this unit.
  • We will need to send you a WETRANSFER link so you can download the user software for the handheld unit. Please re-send your email to us so we can send you the link.
  • Once you receive the link, you will be able to download the software. Please DO NOT download the software from the Alientech website, it is NOT the correct software for the user devices.
  • Before trying to read the stock map on your car’s ECU, please make sure to have a battery charger hooked up to your battery. Lack of having a battery charger hooked can cause damage to the handheld and could result in a fee to have it replaced.
  • Once you plug the unit into your OBDII port, you will need to select a read option for the unit. When choosing the vehicle, the options must match everything (engine, ECU, transmission) If your vehicle is NOT in the options, please contact MTD USA for further instructions. Sometimes we need to use a different vehicle in order to tune correctly.
  • When you have gone through the process of reading the ECU for the stock file, you can go back to your computer and open the Powergate User software (after plugging in your unit to the computer) and click the “Download data” option.
  • Make sure to save that file somewhere safe using an easily identifiable name (Example: Johndoe-stock-file)
  • Then once you have that file saved, please send it to us at the MTD USA Facebook messenger. You can simply drag and drop the file and we will get it.
  • After that, just wait! Our lead time for a tune after we receive the stock file from you is around 1-2weeks.
  • Once you receive your new tune file, please use the following directions to install the file on your ECU.
  • Save your new tuned file in the same area that you saved your stock file, then open the Alientech User software (with your handheld plugged into the computer).
  • Once the program goes through its updates, click “Upload Data” then choose the new tuned file you saved. After it completes it’s process, you can unhook it and go to your car!
  • FOR THE NEXT STEPS MAKE SURE YOUR BATTERY CHARGER IS CONNECTED!!!! If you choose not to use a battery charger, you risk voltage fluctuations during the writing procedure. If this happens, your car WILL get stuck without a file on your ECU and will require you to tow the vehicle to your local dealer and have the stock file reinstalled on the ECU. Then you will need to pay to have the handheld unit reset by sending it back to us and this whole procedure will need to be done again…
  • Connect the handheld to your car’s OBD2 port and click “Tuning” then select the new file you uploaded to your handheld.
  • Going forward, you are to follow EVERY step the handheld tells you to do. Depending on your ECU’s generation, your experience may change throughout this process.
  • There may be a time the handheld asks for “Overspeeds” this is a full RPM rev.
  • From our findings, people with the 8GMK generation, will experience an issue where the handheld with ask you to start the engine and then click “OK” … The engine may not start. THIS IS NORMAL, just turn the key then click “OK” .
  • Once the writing process is complete, you may turn the key to “OFF” and unplug the handheld. 8GMK users will most likely run into the issue where the car’s electronics will not turn off. There is an odd bug with the process where it will not complete the finishing process after its done writing the new file to the ECU. This again is NORMAL!
  • To fix this issue, simply unhook the battery charger then the battery itself. It only needs to stay unhooked for a few seconds to power cycle the electronics.
  • When you reattach the battery you can start you car! You may run into a CEL for TCM not being read by the ECU. We have found that the users that run into this CEL are Manual transmissions and DO NOT have a TCM. You can clear this code and it will not return!
  • You have now completed the writing procedure for your new tune file! Enjoy your new power and fun!! Please reach out with any questions or issues!


Any hardware or software failures due to lack of communication or failure to follow directions given by MTD USA will result in the refusal of a refund.