Ported Throttle Body

This damn car is like my extra girlfriend – I just get things squared away and it’s driving great, mileage is back up, then BAM!! I’m so frustrated, I just cleaned the throttle body, now I’m still getting strange revs up and down, inconsistent engine throttle, loss of engine rev in neutral, and idles up to 3000 RPM. I pulled the hot side pipe off of the throttle body and bought throttle body cleaner, but it looks like that’s not the issue. The thing is so clean I could eat off of it. I guess the stupid car needs a throttle body now. Shit!

At first, the throttle body error light would reset after a restart, now it will not. I guess it was going out slowly, much like my patience. My Corolla doesn’t do this crap, neither does my Yukon. Ugh. I guess I’m riding my bike all week. I cannot get any of my sockets to fit on this nut (the socket walls are too thick.) It is bigger than 10mm, seems like 7/16″ which doesn’t make any sense. I added the Cravenspeed Spacer last year, and it was the worst getting it off and on. Does that spacer come with different size nuts? Reading other posts, it seems like it was a T30 but mine is clearly not that. I can’t get the stupid nuts loose to save my life… Anyone want to buy a Dart?

OEM Throttle Body:20160805_083250

Replaced the throttle body. Interesting to note, the new part was ultra easier to work with from my original. The wrench and socket fit over the new TB just fine, and it was indeed a 7/16″ socket, which came with the Cravenspeed spacer. I put the MPB bored throttle body on as a replacement, as I got it used for cheaper than an unaltered OEM one. This did not fix the issue. I removed the accelerator pedal, still the same P2135 code. Taking it to the shop. (It was a wiring issue in the Unichip harness)


Seafoam Cleaner, throttle issues

It’s been too long, guys! I recently had the car apart for a week, and just went nuts. Started with a simple repair (pipe blew off the FMIC) and then once I had the fascia off… it was all over. Updates to come in this crazy thread. I’ve got to uphold my 2016 Ride Of the Month status! Lol. Anyway, I had a throttle body error code a few weeks back. The solution, guys, is to clean out your throttle body! Before I committed to the knuckle-busting task, I tried using Seafoam. I sort of made an injector bottle out of a water bottle, some mulit-pair cable heat shrink, and some zip ties. I could then inject this into the pipe, just before the throttle body. Otherwise, it would spray out when holding the RPM up to avoid choking. I did this a couple of times and it completely went away, and worked like a charm. Looked like a smoke-screen, and I only used about 1/3 of the bottle.

The issue ended up being a wiring issue with the Unichip harness.  Two of the lines shorted, so I soldered two jumper connections, and added waterproof connectors, so the whole thing could easily be removed.


Madness GoPedal

My next purchase was a very simple install – The Madness Go Pedal:
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After using it for several weeks – it is quite the improvement, and if you want to remind yourself, turn it off for a while! Now I get it, it’s not improving HP, and it’s not a tune, but it does make it fun to drive. I will be getting the tune eventually, so this may stay or go. But for now, it is quite the improvement in fuel economy, too. I started out with the economy mode, and it sure make millions of starts and stops in tight Chicago traffic easier. It is a slower, smoother start in first gear and promotes more eco-type driving.

With the middle mode selected, I surprisingly got better MPG than the stock as well. I had it on for a few commutes into the city, and it was 5 mpg higher than the trips without it. I’m sure it influences my driving, so It’s not a “magic pedal” – but it did what I wanted it to do! All of my non-cosmetic mods are hopefully going to contribute to better mileage. The red (Sport) mode is best for chasing neighborhood animals and scaring small children! Seriously though, whoa – it for sure kills the MPG – so I don’t use it often, but it is fun to be able to kick it on when I want to impress my wife.

Actually, that is a complete lie. She could care less. Lol.

*edit – this was later removed