Clutch Extension and Cover

I like to sit far back in the seat, and with my right foot comfortably on the gas, I felt the end of the clutch path was a bit too far back. I modified the pedal slightly, using a full pedal replacement kit, and doubling up on the front end, then modifying the connectors. I used longer bolts from a hardware store and made sure they were super secured. IT brings the clutch up about 1/2 inch – not a lot, but I like where it’s at now.


Madness GoPedal

My next purchase was a very simple install – The Madness Go Pedal:
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After using it for several weeks – it is quite the improvement, and if you want to remind yourself, turn it off for a while! Now I get it, it’s not improving HP, and it’s not a tune, but it does make it fun to drive. I will be getting the tune eventually, so this may stay or go. But for now, it is quite the improvement in fuel economy, too. I started out with the economy mode, and it sure make millions of starts and stops in tight Chicago traffic easier. It is a slower, smoother start in first gear and promotes more eco-type driving.

With the middle mode selected, I surprisingly got better MPG than the stock as well. I had it on for a few commutes into the city, and it was 5 mpg higher than the trips without it. I’m sure it influences my driving, so It’s not a “magic pedal” – but it did what I wanted it to do! All of my non-cosmetic mods are hopefully going to contribute to better mileage. The red (Sport) mode is best for chasing neighborhood animals and scaring small children! Seriously though, whoa – it for sure kills the MPG – so I don’t use it often, but it is fun to be able to kick it on when I want to impress my wife.

Actually, that is a complete lie. She could care less. Lol.

*edit – this was later removed