Wiring Fix Unichip Harness

Not really a mod, more of a repair. Had to rewire my entire Unichip harness. Apparently it sat too close to the engine block and caused a short. What a total PITA to find and diagnose. Re-soldered and weather-proofed every connection, even soldered on a new mini ATX connector. I’m 100% back in action, all 5 tunes are loaded back onto the Unichip, and even flashed the firmware to the latest revision.

24 pin mini ATX connector for the Q+ and Q4:


One thought on “Wiring Fix Unichip Harness”

  1. I have UNICHIP I look for Wiring installation diagram I can not find Wiring Diagrams For my car Lexus LS400 1998 Computer number 1UZ-fe

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