LEDs Grille Lights and Wheel Lighting

Next up: More Orange! I added LEDs inside the front grill, another set under the front lip, and a pair inside the front wheel wells – Now the underbody lighting goes all the way around – Ridiculousness Level 11!  The best way to do this is by adding LED strips to the inside of the front bumper, and along the bottom portion, just in front of the FMIC, if you have one.

The wires can easily be routed to the battery, and then to a switch of your choice.




I installed an illuminated toggle switch for these suckers: (the first of many)

It looked much cooler, months later, after I removed the front crosshair, and added multicolor demon eyes:


Underbody LED lighting

As if I don’t stick out enough with this ride – I need more! Underbody LED lights…oh man, here we go!
The transmitter is wireless, so no need for another line through the firewall- everything on the box tucked under the hood can be changed remotely. The thing has about 18 patterns – in orange, of course!

At night (with the orange LED’s on)

During the daytime/evening, also with the orange LED’s on:

Closeup with the LED’s off: