Dartlene Front Wind Splitter

Version R front Joe

Basic Splitter: $289.00 (gloss black finish, with support rods, includes all mounting hardware) you choose: Version S (top), Version R (rounded version above) and Version B (looks like a “B” below.)  Chicagoland installation is possible, although you can likely do it yourself in an hour or less!  (You do not need to remove the front bumper.)  Shipping is $70.00 to most of the US.

If you are interested in the lip underneath the splitter, or the side wings, they can be specially ordered – just let us know when you fill out the form.

The car pictured (above) has a carbon fiber lip underneath the splitter, as well as side wings – these items are sold separately. (Version S pictured above, Version B is below:)
stephen 12

version B 1

Parts are now available!  We make them to order, so it will take a few weeks to get your custom splitter to you, depending on add-ons.  The alumalite and basic hardware is local, but some of the rods and wings will take extra time to order and build.  Keep in mind, this product is not available ANYWHERE ELSE!

We offer local installation as well – We will need to see your car for an actual quote.  We can change the position of the support holes, too.  This will work with the Mopar lip as well (although not recommended) and the Deyeme Racing underbody panel, although you will need eight 2.5″ M5 bolts in addition to the supplied hardware.

We can also offer a rounded design, Version R: (The car pictured has a carbon fiber lip underneath the Version R splitter, this is sold separately.)

Dartlene Wind Splitter - Round Version

We now offer a brand new design, version G, here shown on this Charger, and below on the red Dart:

Charger Splitter 2015+

The wind splitter is made out of 6 mm (1/4”) alumalite, which is the lightest, strongest weatherproof material I could find.  This is corrugated for strength and weight, and is completely waterproof.  Keep in mind, if you crash into something, such as parking block or curb – it may break.  I cannot promise any functional high speed gains, as I just don’t have the equipment to do such testing – they do look pretty badass, though!

Below is the Version S splitter shown in carbon fiber wrap, and no lip / guard:

Version S Red Dart 3
I am extremely proud to announce the version 2.0 splitter is now 100% functional, and bolts to the frame underneath. It isn’t quite a full underbody shield, but it does support the two front pieces, and protects the underside, as well. The unit is very solid & rigid, and the support rods are not necessary, unless you want to be cool 🙂 Wot Box, Black Alumalite Splitter, Wiring Dartlene Alumalite Front Splitter Dart '13-16

There are several options available, and unfinished will be black alumalite, and could be wrapped, painted, dipped, etc by you! The version shown below has the basic rods, wings, simulated carbon fiber underlip / splitter protector, and is carbon fiber wrapped.  Keep in mind, the bottom side will be unfinished, and if you crawl on the ground, you will see the seams of the wrap, and partial bare alumalite.  The basic rods have aluminum shafts, but the nuts and mounts are steel, and may rust in extreme weather conditions.

This includes all of the mounting hardware and holes, some of which I could only find in silver or clear, so these would be hand painted.  Instructions included, but will require some minimal mounting skills. If you have the stock lower grille, than I will include several 1” washers (also painted black) to mount to the OEM lower grille.  The rods are completely optional, as the splitter is quite strong without them, and the rods are really only aesthetic, anyway.

All of these upgrades are fairly simple, but do take a bit of time and materials to complete.  If you are moderately good at mechanical things, you could easily do the upgrades, yourself.  I can still provide mounting holes, if you request it, as the support rods and side wings are certainly optional.  If you want to paint or dip it yourself, be sure to use adhesive promotor, and then a primer, before applying the paint, or dip.

– We accept Visa/MasterCard/Paypal –  Use the contact form below, and be sure to specify which options you would like, and we will send you a Paypal invoice for the total.

*Installation Instructions can be found here.
Dartlene Wind Splitter - Round Version

UntitledUntitledWot Box, Black Alumalite Splitter, Wiring Wot Box, Black Alumalite Splitter, Wiringfront splitter front dart

20160424_190543  collin close

As you can see, our splitters hold up better than your Dart!  Here are the results of a minor crash on a Dart with version “S” installed:Crashproof

With a little creativity (and $40/hour labor charge) we can customize your splitter to match your individual, unique needs!  Yoder’s splitter has some custom alumalite wings, carbon fiber short trim, and angled spacer covers:UntitledIMG_5227


Rear Diffuser How-to

Final segment of the custom ground effects kit – the rear diffuser fins. This works with the existing OEM part, and mine has the dual exhaust, but it really doesn’t matter. First thing I did was figure out a plan, and create a template out of cardboard. It took several tries to match the curve of the car. Any spaces and there is less for the adhesive to stick, plus it wouldn’t look right – it took me about 4 revisions before I was happy with it.


Once I had it right, I found a very cheap source for inexpensive ABS plastic – I traced these out and was able to fit 4+ on a sheet, and I only needed / wanted 4

I sanded them down, used adhesive promoter, then plastic primer, then finally the black paint:

I painted these black, as well. They were used on the bottom to secure them in. On the top, holes were pre-drilled and then screwed into the plastic diffuser.[/url]

Finished product: