Boost Leak Confirmed

Note: On Saturday, July 30, 2016 I found the issue with my gas mileage. Sweet lord, what a relief! Driving up to a friend’s I got over 36 MPG, and it was b/c of multiple boost leaks. I had one leak on the intake, so we pulled it and added a sealant and re-tightened. The other side of that same line, near the oil separator had the rubber “L” piece ripping a bit, causing air and some oil to leak out. The biggest leak was between the downpipe and the turbo – whoa! We pulled the bottom loose, and removed the metal bracket that attached the factory DP to the exhaust. This allowed it to move up another few millimeters, making a tighter seal and fixing the leak.

The last leak was between the Forge BOV and the GFB DV+. Keep an eye on this one, as I had it installed properly, but we were still getting a tiny leak under high pressure. We added some high-temp silicone to seal this off, and used shorter bolts without washers, and tightened the crap out of it. Voila!

Also on the list, my two rear tires are total garbage. I got Delinte tires when I bought the wheels, and although they are all weather tires, they were total garbage. The front two blew already last year, which I replaced, and now the back two, each have a bulge in them that you can feel rolling along the highway. I ordered more tire stickers, and new tires.

Pic has nothing to do with this, it’s just an excuse to show off my demon eyes! Lol. (I’m getting the laminate replaced tomorrow)


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