Turbo Surge / GFB DV+ and Forge BOV Issues – Solved!

Forge BOV mod (barely) – Since I had issues running both the GFB DV+ and the Forge BOV together, I wanted to experiment. I got the turbo boost leak fixed, so I thought I could give it another shot. I took the 6 holes on the Forge Plate and drilled them all out larger. I then drilled another single hole on the other side. I was going to file out the inside, but I realized that the GFB doesn’t even go into the Forge, it only sites up against it.

Sounds like turbo surging, others thought it was sticking, audio/video:

Point is – this worked! If anyone has had the issue previously, then give this a shot:


One thought on “Turbo Surge / GFB DV+ and Forge BOV Issues – Solved!”

  1. Hey man. I might be a day late, dollar short here, but i have the Mopar 13′ Dart. I’m currently Running into all the issues and ideas you have here. Did drilling Forged BV make things work correctly.? Or did you can it and get the Forged Diverter Valve with Boost solenoid remake.

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