Eibach Pro Line Lowering Springs

Next up… one of my favorite mods: Eibach Pro Lowering Springs. Couldn’t do the sport, being all Dukes-of-Hazard in Chi-town, but these are great. In fact, I didn’t mention it to my wife, and one day we were driving home and I took a left turn pretty quick. She got all excited and said, “Wow, this new car really feels like it sticks to the road when you turn!” I just grinned Then I told her.

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I took it to my buddy to help with the springs, as I didn’t want to lose any appendages if the springs released on me. I have not done any of this kind of work, but this is one of my favorite mods. It’s like this is how the car was meant to feel from the factory. Below is my baby on the lift getting her treatment. I highly recommend New Star Transmission, if you are in the Chicagoland area.

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The rotors were previously painted, but not removed to do so. The next time I have these off to replace the brakes or wheels I will be re painting those bad boys,
Here is after the Eibach Springs installed:
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