Interior Trim & Carbon Fiber Wrap with LED Lighting

Added some more carbon fiber trim in the cockpit.

I wired in some convenience LEDs in the trays, in the pockets, in the glovebox, and in the center console. In the pic, I drilled 3 holes above the cubby, then taped the leds to the inside of the plastic console piece. Then I added small holes in the pockets, and did the same with LEDs there and the glovebox.

This is how the wire is routed and attached to the pockets:


Wheel Pinstripes

  1. Next up, I messed with pinstriping tape on the wheels. I thought I like it at first, but got sick of it. It brought out the fact that the wheels are only 17″ – not too sexy. I eventually removed this.
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  2. I even tried some variations, but eventually I got tire of them. – in the end I just love big, sexy wheels and this was only a temporary fix.

    I later removed the outer ring: