Spinning Subwoofer Grill

Everyone needs spinners on their subwoofer, right? This sub hits a lot harder than most imagine, due to it’ efficient design. It bounces the audio off the back of the car, allowing a longer wavelength in the cabin, producing more low end without the added weight. #audionerd
I later added a three-way switch (on-off-on constant) for the grill for car shows, etc. 20160621_203120


Crosshair Delete / Custom Front Grille

I received my Grille pieces from customcargrills.com – these pieces just showed up to the party!

Here is the link to my exact grille.  I used XXL Perforated Aluminum Mesh, and then painted it black (like the song.)

You have to remove the entire front fascia to do this – total PITA, but worth it!  Once you have the piece cut and bent, it fits into the area where the old plastic was.  I used a dremel tool to cut out the old plastic, leaving several tabs on the top and bottom.  These tabs were used as mounting points for the new piece.  Once the fitting is perfect, use black tie wraps to secure the new grille to the existing mounting tabs.  You cannot see the zip ties, and it is completely secure.


I cut out the plastic grille mesh, but left the outer portion for support, and to have a place to attach the new mesh:

and now cut & painted:20150814_225110

and bent:20150817_182544

rough placement:


This is the inside of the front fascia, needed for crosshair delete, in case anyone needs this pic:

As you can see above, I left the border of the black plastic intact, then re-assembled it.  This have the structure more rigidity, and left me a solid foundation to add the new grille mesh.

(Re)painted the front fascia center piece: (plasti dip)20150820_003410

The bottom half is covered up by the license plate, FYI.

Finished bending and molding the grille last night. This pic is just a mockup, but afterwards, i attached the bottom piece using self tapping screws, and I will finish it up this evening. I also received my Unichip to USB cable, so I can backup my tuning map and make a few changes. I’m going to adjust the throttle response, and then re-use the second map for the higher throttle response and more boost. My AFR’s are good, so only minor changes needed, here!