Painted Door Handles and Rear Diffuser Fins

Plasti dip is not a mod!! So… I ripped all of the plasti dip off of my black door handles, and pulled them off the car again. This time, I rough sanded them down, then applied a few coats of adhesive primer, followed by two coats of primer, and then finally, several coats of black, high-gloss paint. The paint is specifically designed for plastic and automotive use. This is the final coat, drying in my backyard.


Here are the handles, lock, and rear diffuser fins after the final clear coat. I used industrial strength, professional clear coat, called 2k Clear Glamour. Keep in mind, this stuff is so powerful, it has to be opened and used within 48 hours, or the clear coat will harden in the can. Just to be safe, I allowed the paint to cure for 3 days (72 hours) and then let the clear coat cure for another 3 days before re-installing them on the car. My wife doesn’t usually make comments about my craziness (car mods) but even she said they looked amazing back on the car. I’d have to agree – well worth the wait!!


20160822_224434Here is where I got the clear coat – a bit pricey, but worth it!

Clear Coat Link


Plasti Dip Door Handles and Fascia & EZ Lip

  1. Plasti Dipped the crap out of my door handles. I used a brush and painted between the handle opening area, then sprayed the rest.
    I should have taped it differently, but we live and learn. What do I know, I’m just a music producer!





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    I had some Plasti Dip leftover, and I had been photoshopping the front grill/fascia black – I thought it would look ok, and boy did it ever! It turned out fabulous!  I also added the EZ Lip on the front and sides.  (Both the plasti dip and the EZ Lip were later removed / upgraded.)