Headlights V4, Rust Fix, Ignition Coils, Sequential Turn Signals, Shifter

Many things happened at once, as once the front end is apart, it makes sense to add everything at one time, especially if you have other transportation available. The weather has been nice, so my bicycle has been seeing some love during this transition.

First up, the 4H-Tech short-shifter kit, used under the hood connected to the transmission. It works great with the MPX STS and solid bushings – You wouldn’t believe how tight the shifts are – it’s like sex! Installation is pretty simple, but the difficult part is connecting the tiny metal pin clip to secure the new linkage. I recommend using a pair of long needle nosed pilers to hold and attach the clip. The website is visible in the picture below:Untitled

I wanted this design I made for my shifter – Cravenspeed.com will custom print the top portion of their knob, so I made this happen:Untitled UntitledUntitledUntitled

Plasti dipped the back portion of the my stripe – what used to be the Horse-Drawn Records logo, as well as the spoiler that was orange:UntitledUntitled

Upon removing the spoiler, I found the previous genius that installed the spoiler did nothing to seal the hole, or to prevent future rust. By hand, I sanded the tiny portions of rust buildup under the spoiler mounts down to bare metal. I used some rust inhibitor, then cleaned it again and added primer and new orange paint. Also sealed the trunk side, as well.UntitledUntitled UntitledUntitledUntitled

Also painted the rear tow hook orange, and the front one black: Untitled2018

Gloss black roof wrap, using Vvivid vinyl:Untitled

Anyone know where the oil dipstick is?Untitled2018

What’s for dinner? Headlights? Awesome, Dad!! 10 minutes at 220 degrees and BAM!2018201820182018

Color matched eyelids:201820182018

Chicagoland Darts in the house!! #trytokeepup 20182018201820182018201820182018UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled

Headlights re-assembled:2018Untitled2018Untitled

Finally replaced the factory OEM ignition coils. *tip – If you are patient, you can find these Bosch coils overseas on ebay for $50 each, including shipping if you look around.UntitledUntitled


Finally, painted black fascia pieces and orange trim, replaced the fog lights with sequential fog lights, brought through the front, then sealed with silicone:UntitledUntitledUntitled

Raw AF! UntitledUntitledUntitledHeadlights V4Headlights V4Headlights V4Untitled


Exhaust 1.0

Next up: Exhaust! I spent a lot of time on youtube, annoying my wife with loud car videos. It seems like the 1.4 runs best without that muffler – deleted! That really was the way to go – my buddy told me that it kinda sounds like a Lambo now. It really growls! It was a little much in the cabin at first, but once I got used to it, now I love riding with the windows down so I can hear her purr. I used James Dean Muffler in the Chicagoland area – he was great!

First, he cut off my muffler so we could hear how it sounded, and I took it for a spin to check performance, sound & efficiency.


After I drove around, he put her back up and started making the pipes. He used all stainless steel (I’m in Chicago) 2.5″ and it was cool to watch him make it on his bench and then start putting it on the car.

Here he has one side done, and is starting to build the “Y” piece.

Some welding action:



Vanity License Plates

That same day, my new plates arrived in the mail! Sweet! Even more ridiculousness! I also bought and installed the EZ Lip kit. Used 3 piece, and the remainder for small, tapered rear fascia fins. I later Plasti Dipped them black, and used Plasti Dip clear coat, just like I did on the front grill.