Dartlene Wins her first Car Show!

Dartlene and I won our first car show in St. Charles, IL!! “Best Looking / Best Lights”

Latest mod attempt is white LED DRLs. I bought a set from Derek, and I’ve got them working on the turn signal circuit with resistor, but mine doesn’t like the resistor on the DRL, for some reason. I’ve been experimenting all weekend, and there is no reason it’s doing such weirdness. When I put the 50w 6 ohm resistor inline with the turn signals, it stops the fast blink, and no errors. When I put the resistor on the other (DRL) line, it shuts off the DRL and side turn signal lights – too much load, I’m guessing. Strange, as the only other thing I have running is switchbacks connected to the turn signal power, which is fine.

Last ditch effort, I put an led strip under the hood, attached to the DRL to increase the load. I drove 10+ miles through the city, with only one error, and that was 30 seconds after starting the drive, at a light.

Prior, it only happened when my lights were on, and randomly at that. On the way to the car show, and back home, I had a ton of errors. I’m going to keep testing, and I may add another led strip to the other side, for added load. I still get the error on startup, only.