Fender Flares

I’ve received numerous requests on these.  They are made from ABS plastic, but have a carbon fiber “look” to them, and can be molded with heat.  I take the ABS and bend them to shape, so they will fit the Dart wheel wells, giving it a small flared fender look.  A set of four of these is $49.00, and they are made to order.  Please allow time for your product to receive the attention that it deserves! 20160605_143151 20160605_143201 Untitled Untitled Hood pins


Fender Flares / Mini Flares

I’ve had multiple questions about my fender flares – not a big deal. ABS plastic strips molded and bent with heat. They have a carbon fiber look, and they are held on with 3M adhesive, so they can be removed when the fascia comes off. I tried to find them again online, and they are no longer available.