Rotated Tires, Brisk Spark Plugs relocated to the trash can

Rotated the tires with 79,900 miles.  The two pair are not identical, but the fronts were looking bad.  Also, when I had the electrical short, I decided to pull out the Brisk plugs and throw them away.  Horrible purchase, total garbage spark plugs – they “chugged” at lower RPM, usually in traffic or slowly rolling in gear.  I used them both tuned and stock, as well as with the Unichip – basically the same.

I put the NGKs back on, probably about 78,000 miles – so they have about 15,000 miles on them, so far.

I’m still looking into better tires, but keeping these for now.  Going to try and beat my 7.16 0-60 MPH pull.  I will try setting the wot box launch lower – to 3200 RPM.


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