HID Headlights


Bright as Hell! Single error at startup, but some flickering, then sometimes they wouldn’t fire. Winter seemed to be worse.

These were a generic, Chinese knock-off brand, likely purchased through Alibaba.com.  They said “Canbus Pro” on them, and the numbers never matched any cross referencing.  The Eagle Eyes headlights changed the bulb socket from 9012, to H8/H9/H1.  They ended up flickering, a bit.  I adjusted the grounds, but didn’t help.  The left ballast finally went out Jan 2017, so they were replaced with Xenon-Vision HID’s.

The Xenon-Vision HID’s are the real deal!

These are error free, and many have gotten great results, even in the extreme cold.

Once at the site, select Canbus 35W ballasts, and choose 9012.  The 55W will be too hot, and may cause issues.  These will work bright, and error-free.  On checkout, use the code “dodge-dart” for a $20.00 discount.  As of Jan 2017, mine were $80.00, shipped with the discount!  Here is the link.

These work very well, and are quite simple.  I got rid of the dedicated battery line and relay, and simply draws power from the stock headlights.  No additional resistors were needed, and the build quality is top notch – a very rugged looking product.

Mine were the wrong bulbs, at first, due to the Eagle Eyes.  They even sent me a replacement, and paid for the shipping!  I really recommend these guys!  Other great websites for HIDs are Diode Dynamics, Morimoto and Xenon Supply.

The best video I’ve seen, that explains HIDs and light temperature is here:

Here is a chart, cross referencing light color temperature and perceived lumens:




There is a great review on dodge-dart.org, by my friend, Matt “Cntrollerfanboy” here.  He goes into detail, and the product really is good.


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