Dragon Eyes Headlights – Dragon Laminates

This is how you make your car wear sunglasses!  Dragon Eyes, by dragon laminates.  www.dragonlaminates.com  You can find this specific product here.

FYI – these are the “neo-silver” color on the website, and they say it affects the headlight output the least, and barely noticeable on light output.

“Will your films change the headlight output color?

In short yes, it varies and also depends on the customer’s selection. On some of our films, such as our NEO Silver Dragon Eyes, the amount of color change at a minimal and will shine mostly white.”

At first, I bought a cheap knock-off set from ebay, and installed them, myself.  I was never able to fully get the wrinkles out, and burnt my fingers trying – several times.  I don’t recommend this, unless you are very experienced, as the Dart headlights curve in two directions.

Final mods of the year – Dragon Eyes 2.1, both on the headlights and the reverse lights (you were right, SC – good idea!) as well as carbon fiber eyelids on the headlights.
Untitledfront splitter front dart

The real-deal Dragon Eyes don’t color the headlights, or change the output at all. The knock-offs made the light too yellow for me.

Dragon Eyes Reverse Lights:


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