Racetrack Taillight Tint

On a clear, sunny day, I popped out the RaceTrack tail lights. Things were about to happen!

I taped off the reverse lights and the center black strip.

I used VHT nightshades and did a few coats. Then I clear-coated and then wet sanded it. I had never done this before, so i had to adjust things as I went. It wasn’t perfect at first, so I fixed it. Took a while, but I learned all about wet sanding.

The tail lights weren’t quite perfect at first. I did a bit too much wet sanding – There were small white areas between the VHT and the original black. In the pics, they looked OK, but up close, they weren’t so special. I added another very thin layer of VHT, and then a shit ton of clear coat. Now it’s rockin’!


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