Original Pics from Purchase

I had been looking for the perfect car for several months – even going as far as creating a spreadsheet to keep track of all the cars that could be modded, got good gas mileage, could fit my wife and 2 kids, and look BAD ASS. My search ended when I found my sweet new girlfriend, Dartlene! (or as my children refer to her as Orangina [long i sound]) I bought her with 52K miles, and she already had some mods done!

These are the original listing pics:

front angled_zpsjse68ynj

front angled 2_zpsaqb5r1ix




rear cam_zps76txrvpf

passenger seat_zpsbch5ovkj


rear angled_zps8z9trey2

instrument cluster_zpsomorrnpx

front seat_zpssnng9hvk


rear angled 2_zpspkcu9roq

inside front door_zpsqfslzc6c


Now under my rule – replaced tint, washed & rolled into Chicago!Name:  20150306_133013.jpg
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