Voltage Stabilizer and Additional Ground Lines

  1. Next up is the Raizin Voltage Stabilizer – this smoothes out small variations in voltage, and also monitors battery voltage under the hood. It gives an LCD readout, and alerts if there is a battery issue. The small cables that came with it were fine for functionality, but since I added third party items that draw voltage (Amplifier, interior LEDs, exterior LED’s, etc) I wanted more support.

    In addition to this small controller box, i added large 0/1 Awg grounding wires all under the hood, and connecting to the fuse block, as well as grounding the audio components in the trunk. I used the wires that came with the kit, and also created/soldered my own using bulk wire and connectors from our shop. The connections were heavily soldered for extra rigidity and support. This connected virtually everything under the hood and supported it’s grounds. You have to be very careful, as the engine gets super hot, so the cable must be run in specific places to avoid melting.

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    I love this freakin’ car!

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